Red Tide Clambake

Tourney Date: 10/03/2009 - 10/04/2009
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The nitty gritty details


Please pass this info on to your team. If you drove 6 hours with your dog, you still can't bring the dog to the fields or the party. Plan ahead.

2. NO ALCOHOL allowed at the fields!

This is a new rule, and obviously a bummer. However, there's a very strict Athletic Director who has made it very clear that we can't drink at the fields anymore. At all!! We'll have tons of beer at the party. Please wait until then. If you choose to drink at the fields, you could seriously jeopardize the chances of anyone ever having another Clambake at Bowdoin College.

OK, enough with rules. Here's some info:

3. UPA

This is a UPA sanctioned event. All players must be current UPA members, or join the UPA at the event or pay a $10 one-time fee to participate. No cash will be accepted for UPA dues.

4. Lobsters

Lobsters may be purchased for $10 each in advance, by e-mail. Please understand that if you send an e-mail request for lobster, you must pay for it at the tournament with no exceptions. Send e-mail to the TD with your team's order. .

5. Tourney Fee

The tourney fee is $450 per team. You should have already paid a $200 deposit, and the remainder is due at the tournament. You receive your party and lobster tickets when all dues and fees have been paid, and the roster completely filled out. Please help our administrators and do this early.

6. Party tickets

Tickets will be collected at the campground entrance. Everyone who wants to attend must have a ticket. See your team captain if you didn't get one.Each team is allowed up to 15 tickets. Any additional tickets can be purchased at themain tent for $15 each. Party and lobster tickets will not bedistributed until rosters have been turned in and tourney fees have been paid.

Friday camping is available at the party site for $5 per person.


Hungry? Thirsty? Then Be Sure to Visit:

Brunswick Variety & Deli
Pizza, Sandwiches, mmmm Beer
Just take a left out of the Parking lot, and it's a Long Forehand down the road, on the Right

When was the last time Your Team hosted an Ultimate Tournament?
~ Keep The Spirit Alive

What is a good bid?

The 2009 theme will be something to do with "coming of age", being the 21st annual and all.

Also check out this video from the 2009 Clambake bid party to se what you are up against...

Want to come to the 20th Annual Red Tide Ultimate Clambake, and a Party like you've never seen before? All you have to do is try to answer one simple question:

Can YOU Pass the Clambake Test?

Last year's Clambake had a theme for the first time - "What Happens at Clambake, Stays at Clambake". All the teams were encouraged to incorporate this theme into their bids, and the results were fantastic. We had a Vegas theme, a "casino", people dressed up as playing cards, parlor games, etc. This year's theme is a take-off on Tom Wolfe's famous book "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test." Many of you - especially the older crowd - may we well aware of the book, the Merry Pranksters, Grateful Dead, and all the craziness and mayhem they created. Whether you know the story or not, read on to get a glimpse of what this year's Clambake will be all about. You youngins may relate more to the concept of the Rave - that's along the same lines of what's gonna' go down on Saturday September 20th 2008.

Back in the mid 60's a bunch of freaks in San Francisco began throwing LSD parties, when LSD was still legal. The house band for these parties was the Grateful Dead. These parties featured much more than music though - it was supposed to be an experience of total sensory exploration and overload. Besides the music, there were microphones hidden in strange places, piping sounds to yet other rooms, the middle of the woods, etc. They had strobe lights and blacklights and projectors on the walls and reverb bouncing around the room and whatever else they could think of to push the sensory envelope.

"Following the bus trip, the Pranksters held a series of "Acid Tests", where participants were given "acid", the street name for LSD. The tests were held at various venues in California, as well as one in Mexico during an eight month period when Kesey hid in Mexico to avoid incarceration due to marijuana possession, and were sometimes advertised with colorful crayoned signs asking "Can you pass the acid test?". The first Acid Test was held in Palo Alto, California, in November 1965. The young psychedelic rock band the Grateful Dead (known earlier as The Warlocks) supplied the music during these events; in essence, they were the house band for the mobile party. Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead, stated that the acid tests allowed him to "play with a certain kind of freedom, that you rarely get as a musician. We didn't have to fulfill the expectations about us, or expectations about music. It allowed us to experiment with music freely." Jerry Garcia said that the Pranksters at the Acid Tests were the best audience the Grateful Dead ever had. The acid test is credited with the expansion of the consciousness of the sixties. Kesey believes that the sixties, particularly the experimentation with psychedelic drugs was the beginning of a paradigmatic shift that is still relevant today. In Kesey's own words, "It was the beginning of a real true revolution that is still going on."

Well welcome to Clambake 2008! We're going to do our best to re-create the experience, minus the big tub of LSD in the middle of the room. But we'll have every kind of glow toy you can think of, flashflight frisbees, one room decked out in blacklights with posterboard, masks, day-glow paint and markers - anything to help us create our own tripped out scene. The Broken Men will be cranking the Dead tunes as they have for many Clambakes over the years, celebrating their 26th year together as a band. Another room will have a DJ, and a friend who does special effects for Holywood movies as well as putting on massive raves around the country will be adding his visuals to the mix.

This really is going to be totally out of hand, even by traditional Clambake standards. This is the 20th Annual, a major reason to celebrate, and we're pulling out all the stops in an effort to raise the bar even higher. Party as an art form!

So if you'd like to come be a part, we encourage you to tailor your bid to the theme. It's not required, but the more of us that are on the bus the better!

For those of you who are new to the 'Bake, here's the basic concept behind the bids. More teams want to come than we have space for. So rather than just randomly picking teams, or first come, or any other random method, we ask you to earn it. We put a ton of work into this gig, and ask that you do too. This party is WAY bigger than any of us, and we truly couldn't do it without you. It's all part of the group mind, very much what the Merry Pranksters were searching for in the original acid tests. On August 30th we're going to have a big party and evaluate everything you send to us, and then admit the teams that seem like they'll add the most to the scene. There are many different ways to contribute, and there's no right or wrong method. Here are some samples of great bids past and present:

  • Service Bids. These get more popular every year, for the obvious reason that they make it easier on all of us. You can offer to clean up trash at the fields, clean up dinner, make the heads we use for cones, clean up the party, fold up tables, etc. Basically, if almost every team has one task during the weekend where they have to work, then the rest of the time they kick back and enjoy others' efforts. Be creative, try to think of what else might help us throw a bigger, better bash.
  • Party Bids. We need at least 18 kegs, and kegs ain't cheap, especially because we only buy top quality microbrews. If you're willing to donate a keg or 5, we can save that money and donate it to Special Olympics. Other party-related bids teams do are to serve the beer, cook the food, bake desserts for 600, etc.
  • Donations. This one's easy. Give a donation to Special Olympics. We're trying to raise $10,000 this year, and it ain't easy. Our locals can never get much over the $5,000 mark. For many years we had 2 or 3 teams that donated $2,000 each, and it was a huge help. It's not hard - have everyone on your team solicit donations from friends, family, and businesses, and you often can find people who can get a matching donation from their work. If you don't want to deal with the creative bid process, and don't feel like lifting a finger all weekend, then this is an easy, guaranteed way to get in. No matter who you are, we'll make sure that the team who pledges the largest amount gets in - it's that easy!
  • Enhance the Bid Party. For years we had a team show up at the bid party and cater the entire thing for us. Another team sends us toys, someone else will send a keg. We've received some hilarious videos in the past, creative stories or poems, picturebooks - whatever you think will make a rowdy drunken crowd laugh and cheer and want to party with you. If you contribute to the bid party, we're confident you'll contribute to the big one when it matters most!
  • New team bid. Every year we make sure that one new team that's never been gets to come, so don't be afraid to jump in and give it your shot, we've already stacked the deck in your favor!
  • Long distance. If we can get anyone from west of the Mississippi, you're in, now, no questions asked!

Those are all just suggestions - feel free to do whatever you think would be fun. Please also understand that no matter how great you think your bid is, nothing is guaranteed. The reason we have the bid party is because not everyone can come. You may put a bunch of time and effort and/or money into your bid, and still not get in. We wish there were another way, but we only have so many fields and so many lobsters. But understand that if you don't get in, you are still making an important contribution to something that has become far bigger and better than any individual player or team, and it's all for an incredible cause - Maine Special Olympics. We've raised over $100,000 since we started in 1989, and we'll continue to push that higher with help from all of you.

Bids are due by August 28th. They should include a $200 deposit check, payable to Red Tide (please write your team name on the check!), and mailed to:

Alex Pozzy
89 Crestview Dr
Portland, ME 04103



2009 Teams

Women's Division Teams

  • Bamboozle
  • Chaos Theory
  • Chrome Ladies
  • Quasar
  • Queen ImaDya
  • Salty Types

Open Division Teams

  • Chuck Wagon
  • Clunker
  • Death or Glory
  • Harvard Red Line
  • Jerk Factory
  • Old Fat Clown
  • Red Tide
  • Red Tide 99
  • Red Tired
  • Stoned Clown
  • Those Magnificent Bastards
  • yEUTH-ANd-Age-SIA

Mixed Division Teams

  • 7th Wheel
  • Bashing Pinatas
  • Brown
  • Candy Bars
  • Chowdaheads
  • CHUM
  • Colby Dazzlin' Asses
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Flowchart
  • GrassBurner
  • Langosta
  • Lotus Eaters
  • Mogwai
  • S.S. ARG
  • SOL
  • Too Big Too Fail

2008 Teams

Women's Division Teams

  • Ambush
  • Bamboozle
  • Bates Cold Front
  • Boxing Nuns
  • Chaos Theory
  • Chrome Ladies
  • Gale Force
  • Hatch
  • Quasar
  • Team QUB

Open Division Teams

  • 668 (Neighbours of the Beast)
  • Death or Glory
  • Harvard Red Line
  • Jerk Factory
  • Jewish Monkeys
  • JMU Hellfish
  • Old Fat Clown
  • Red Tide
  • Red Tide 98
  • Red Tide Masters
  • Red Tired
  • RPI Trudge
  • Stoned Clown
  • Swinging Monks
  • Those Magnificent Bastards
  • yEUTH-ANd-Age-SIA

Mixed Division Teams

  • Abominable
  • Chinstrap
  • Chowdaheads
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Grassburner
  • Lotus Eaters
  • MakeOut Club
  • Quiet Coyote
  • S.S. ARG
  • Sexy Beast

Field map

Bowdoin field map


from the South: (Bowdoin is 2 1/2 hours from Boston)

To reach Bowdoin from the south, take the Maine Turnpike to Exit 52 (formerly Exit 9; 295 to Coastal Route 1). Continue on 295 to Exit 28 (formerly Exit 22; Rt. 1 North: Coastal Route, Brunswick / Bath). Continue on Route 1 North / Pleasant Street to the third traffic light. Go straight ("To 201 / 123 / 24 / Maine Street"). Continue straight for approximately 1/2 mile to the second traffic light. Turn right on Maine Street. Turn left immediately after Church onto rt. 24 South. Turn right on Rt. 123 at light. Stay on 123 for about 1/2 mile. Take right at "Pickard Field House, Bowdoin College" sign.

from the North: (Bowdoin is 1 3/4 hours from Bangor)

To reach Bowdoin from the north via the Maine Turnpike, take exit 103 (formerly exit 14), then I-295 to Exit 28 (formerly Exit 22; Topsham-Brunswick, Route 1 North). Proceed as above.

DIRECTIONS to the Party / Campground

Camping for everyone on Saturday night is included as part of your tournament fee. If you would like to camp on Friday night, the cost is $5 per person. Info about the site can be found at Besides paintball (which won't be open while we're there), they also have an absolutely fantastic disc golf course. If you're into disc golf, or would like to try it, I highly encourage you to find the time to play.

The address is 463 Fort Hill road Gorham, ME. This is a link to a google maps satellite/map image, which you can plug in your own address to for directions:,+ ME&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=44.793449,82.265625&ie=UTF8&ll=43.719939,-70. 471866&spn=0.010034,0.020084&t=h&z=16&om=1

Another Accommodations:

Recompense Shore Campsite 207-865-9307 Freeport, ME

Maineline Motel 207-725-8761

Siesta Motel 207-729-3364

Thank you the Clambake Staff

Alex Pozzy The Commish

Jen Pozzy Primary Support

Rich Young You Name It

Mike Leding Emails

Jen Muehle Frisbee Central

Alan Fitzgerald Webmaster

Scott Whichard Breakfast

George Stergiou Breakfast

Shep Tickets

Mike Moser Disc Design

Gale Force Decorations

Red Tide Parking, Setup

Dead Reckoning ID Police

Red Tired Cooking/IDs

Bamboozle IDs

S.S. ARG Taters

And Virtually everyone else in the Portland Frisbee Family!


Lynn Ruddy Bowdoin Athletic Dept.

James Pitts Mermaid Clambake Co.

Meritt Bennett Bennett Allweather Paintball

Mike Boardman Coyote Graphics

Lori Thomas Parrot Club Volunteers

Jeff Rae Mortgage Network

And a HUGE THANKS to all the teams who are helping out with other tasks - Setting Up, Cleaning Up, Cooking, Serving, Collecting Scores, Massaging, and tons o' other stuff. We could never do it without you...

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